Anti-Hate Policies

At, our constant goal is to uplift our community. This commitment is deeply ingrained in our values and principles. As a diverse group of individuals who share a passion for distinctive art, we aim to foster a secure environment for our community of artists and their supporters. To achieve this, printablebyriahi implements policies that tackle content contrary to our objective of empowering disadvantaged, vulnerable, and underrepresented populations. To access our site, we kindly request that you adhere not only to the literal rules but also to their underlying spirit. Moreover, please communicate in the English language.


We appreciate humor, but it becomes problematic when a design mocks or belittles a vulnerable person or group. Jokes that target others in a harmful way are considered bullying rather than light-hearted humor. Before creating any design with humor, caricatures, or stereotypes related to a particular group, it’s essential to reflect on a few questions: Am I a part of this group? Am I qualified to make this joke? Could this potentially hurt someone’s feelings or encourage negative attitudes towards them from others? Priantablebyriahi will not allow offensive designs that follow this pattern.

Furthermore, we strictly prohibit attacks or advocacy against individuals or groups based on characteristics that make them susceptible to violence, whether from individuals or institutions. These traits include, but are not limited to, financial vulnerability, housing vulnerability, national origin, immigration status, race, color, ethnicity, religion, gender, gender presentation, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, and physical or mental health or ability.

On the other hand, humor that “punches up” by targeting historically oppressive and privileged groups can be a powerful way to challenge and stand up to oppression. Designs that engage with these groups in a thoughtful manner are less likely to conflict with Priantablebyriahi’s values and may still be considered for featuring on the marketplace.


Printablebyriahi is committed to fostering a peaceful future for artists to share their work. Therefore, it is essential not to distribute any content that may cause harm to vulnerable individuals or groups, whether that harm is physical, emotional, or material.

While health can vary from person to person, attitudes that may contribute to the physical ailment of others are strictly prohibited. This includes content that opposes or spreads misinformation about masks and vaccines.

Every individual deserves the freedom to live as their authentic self, and harmful practices that seek to prevent this should not be encouraged. Content that advocates for “conversion therapy” or “detransitioning” will not be allowed.

Promoting skepticism towards established scientific or historical consensus, such as genocide denial, as well as social and political conspiracy theories, and presenting skewed information lacking context, can lead to fostering hatred and violence towards vulnerable groups. Hence, any such content, which may result in harmful misinformation, will be prohibited.

When moderating sexual content, Printablebyriahi follows a model of sex-positivity, aiming to highlight the LGBTQ+ community, non-traditional relationships, safer sex practices, and enthusiastic consent. Given the devastating impact of sexual assault and abuse on individuals and communities, designs must not advocate for or downplay the seriousness of sexual abuse. Any design found to do so will be removed.


Printablebyriahi firmly believes in the power of art to uplift and celebrate all bodies. This includes Black and Brown bodies, transgender bodies, nonbinary bodies, gender nonconforming and intersex bodies, disabled bodies, and bodies of every shape and size.

As a company, we are committed to developing product templates that empower diverse populations and individuals to express themselves fully. Simultaneously, we actively encourage artists to create designs that shine a light on diversity and promote positive perceptions of less normative body types.

To uphold these values, we will not permit any designs that perpetuate negative attitudes or stereotypes towards individuals with diverse bodies. Our goal is to create a welcoming and inclusive platform that celebrates the beauty and uniqueness of every body.


Art has a rich history as a tool for fostering unity and liberation, a tradition we are committed to upholding at Printablebyriahi. Designs that promote oppressive attitudes or organizations contradict our mission and will be dealt with accordingly.

At Printablebyriahi, we recognize that forced childbirth has been used as a means of individual control and social subjugation. We firmly support the right of all pregnant individuals to make their own choices regarding terminating their pregnancies for personal reasons. Designs that discourage or denigrate abortion or contraceptive choices will not be accepted.

Considering the origins of modern police organizations in “slave patrols” and their long history of contributing to for-profit incarceration, as well as enforcing wars on drugs and poverty, these groups have been perpetuators of violence, bigotry, and rule through fear. Submissions that support these organizations without acknowledging their problematic history or the need for reform will not be allowed. For instance, “Thin Blue Line” designs will not be permitted.

When certain images, phrases, or media serve as vehicles of liberation for historically oppressed groups, efforts to undermine or treat them with disrespect can hinder their mission. Any designs found to be harmful in this manner, such as “All Lives Matter” designs, will be removed by Printablebyriahi.

We take a strong stance against human atrocities, including but not limited to slavery, genocide, and colonialism. We will not host designs that celebrate such atrocities or promote parties responsible for them.

In enforcing these guidelines, we may consider various factors, such as the severity of the infringement and the potential or actual impact of the content on others. Breaching these policies may lead to consequences, such as the removal of designs, verbal warnings, or permanent removal of users from the platform.